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 "I saw—with shut eyes, but acute mental vision—I saw the pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together. I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, and then, on the working of some powerful engine, show signs of life and stir with an uneasy, half-vital motion. Frightful must it be, for supremely frightful would be the effect of any human endeavor to mock the stupendous mechanism of the Creator of the world."  Frankenstein

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Mockupations is a series of satirical characters that affords us the opportunity to strap on the old Jack boots and do some emotional puddle-jumping, treading rather aggressively on topics that would otherwise demand delicate posturing. The catharsis provided but such an invitation and activity includes not only laughter, and thus good unto itself, but also a sense that we may in some way come to terms with that which ails our community or humanity. Albeit macabre in nature, the birth and life of these straw men are an exercise in living fiction, like an orphanage of inflatable monsters in need of a little yard time to let loose. Without such an opportunity, we might just find ourselves in a world too afraid to laugh at our own fragility.

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All Sculptures are handmade, and are available through private request.  Email me for details.

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Copper Maiden

Keith Amrine

In homage to the romantics, this piece is an ode to Spring, with all the chaos that comes with blossoming flowers.  Turn off the lights, and this wall mounted piece can come to life with a push of a button on the wireless remote control.  Adjustable color, brightness and phase shift.

Material: Hand carved plastic, paint, nylon mesh,  light system

Weight: 4 lbs

Dimensions: 31.5" x 16" x 8"

Price: $2,000.00



Bronze Maiden

Keith Amrine

The Bronze Maiden exists in opposition to the Copper Maiden, book-ending the seasons as a tribute to fall through the tumble of leaves.  Sharing the same type of light system, just point the remote and bring her to life!

Materials: Hand carved plastic, paint, nylon mesh, remote light system.

Weight: 4 lbs.

Dimensions: 31.5" x 16" x 8"

Price: $2,000.00



South Paw

Keith Amrine

In tonights edition of Pet Yours Today, proudly sponsored by the ASPCA, we would like to introduce you to whom we have lovingly names South Paw.  This here little pussy cat may look like he has been through the wars, but trust us when we say he's a lover.  We promise. For just a quick signature in blood, you can adopt this little lovebug.  

He does stare a bit; you may feel it around the house, in the shower, when you fall asleep, but know that he probably loves you. Just don't look him in the eye.  From time to time he may bring you things.  Accept them, no matter what. He's a good boy. We Swear.

The sooner would be better. It's not that we don't love having him around...oh no, we have ALL enjoyed his company. It's just that we don't want to limit how much love and appreciation you deserve by keeping you here with us...I mean HIM with us.

Listen, if you can't make it, then please send someone else. Anyone else.  He eats a lot. By that I mean you should not have any other pets.  That would be best. Um, it appears that there are no other animals left for adoption, and Bob seems to be missing. 

Come!  Adopt South Paw!  We beg you!

Material: Hand Carved Oak

Weight: 14.5 lbs.

Dimensions: 16" x 12" 9"

Price: $750.00




Keith Amrine

Blamed for the fall of all mankind, Eve stands triumphant in her flowered beauty,  amidst the coil of the snake.

Material: Sharpied plastic and metal stand.

Weight: 10.1 lbs. 

Dimensions: 69" x 20" x 12"

Price: $2,500.00